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DUXMedia delivers the experience, advanced technology, maximum global reach, and best practices you need to showcase your message. We can stream high profile events to thousands of viewers and with us you can rest assured that your video experience will provide the best possible user experience, each and every time.

We offer a broad portfolio of standards-based apps to give you flexibility and control over your content and the user experience.

We work with you and your team (and not in isolation), to take your event online. You schedule your presentations and we'll take care of the rest. It’s really quite simple, we offer high quality, reliability and easy of use for a worry free streaming experience. No other streaming company delivers our broad array of options.

  • Unmatched playback experience that reflects the quality, look and feel of your organization
  • Expert video and audio production of live events
  • Premium customer service on-site and via remote support
  • Fresh, interactive player design encourages viewers to click, watch and learn
  • Best reputation in the business for event webcasting
  • Error-free recording and live streaming
  • Proven track record of professional collaboration with third party AV, IT and other event production teams
  • Online presentations are secure, guaranteed
  • High availability, power failure protection and 24x7 monitoring