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Live Webcasting (Internet/Intranet)

We have experience in covering events and streaming them live on to the Internet for a variety of customers.
Technical sessions, conventions/conferences/meetings, brand/product launches, major company announcements, large-scale webcasts on corporate Intranets with multiple networks, CEO-employee interactions, employee appreciation events, annual events.

Consulting : Video Streaming / Delivery

Your own webcast/streaming setup? Need help with a CDN? Delivering your video is a problem?
We provide a full service assistance in creating entire setups for organizations that intend to use webcasting - from providing the technical consultancy, training and sourcing the equipment.
We also provide you with complete tech support to setup up your video delivery platform, either bespoke or packaged.

On-Demand Streaming (Video-On-Demand)

View a previously held webcast/events which were not webcast hosted on our servers. These are captured, encoded, hosted, and made available 'on-demand'.

Media Hosting Services (CDN)

DUXMedia also has a multi-network, multi-redundancy, multi-geography Content Delivery Network to deliver images, web pages, video, music, social media, software downloads — all at lightning-fast speeds.

Mobile Streaming

Smartphones have been gaining market share at a staggering rate - and the demand for streaming video and audio on mobile devices is increasing daily.
Broadcast your streaming video or audio to the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nexus One and any capable 2G/3G device with greater ease than ever. We can help you reach a broader audience - anywhere, and all the time.

Take advantage of DUXMedia's mobile streaming R&D, backed by solid technology and a crisp streaming experience - and let your audience enjoy mobile streaming today!

Microsites & Event Marketing

An online event is as good as the quality and quantity of the audience and the online experience.

DUXMedia can you help you design your event microsite and market your event online using proven and effective practices of user experience design, top-of-the-line creatives, email marketing and social media marketing as well.

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